The Icon Сried

Finally, the world has seen the work of a large number of selfless people and patriots of Ukraine, the video for the song "The Icon Cried" by DARA.

We filmed the video in three different countries - Denmark, Switzerland and Ukraine - to show the diversity of life and to remind us that all people are bound by common human values and the desire to live in a world where light conquers darkness.

The shoots in Denmark and Switzerland show symbols of light and life, while the shoots in Ukraine show the realities of life for people who have to deal with the difficulties and uncertainty of war. But the most important thing we wanted to convey is that, despite all the difficulties and disasters, light always conquers darkness, and this is reflected in the people who do not despair and continue to fight for their lives and the lives of their loved ones.


This video is our attempt to show the world that despite the difficulties, life in Ukraine goes on, and it is the life of good and bright people. We want to remind you that in any difficult situation, there is always hope. 


I would like to congratulate our team on the premiere from the bottom of my heart, despite all the difficulties we faced, we succeeded! 

Ukraine will definitely win! Know this!


Director: Aleg Pilipenko/Eugene Heats

DOP: Aleg Pilipenko/Anton Kolomiets 

Post Production: Eugene Heats/Anton Kolomiets

Producer: Aleg Pilipenko

Pr & Manager: Tsarenok Andriy



Y. Yudchenko

A. Basieva

S. Makeeva-Tsutsman

R. Semenchuk 

A. Kolomiets 

R. Shevchenko

M. Klepka


Music/Lyrics - Freeda Shenk